NTMB is an italian collective from Naples working on handmade customization and crafting of garments. The acronym NTMB, NEVER TOO MUCH BASIC, it has been chosen for the principle that clothes should have recognisable features, breaking the usual way and the monotony of the mechanisim of the fashion system.

The ispiration comes from the underground culture, in particular neapolitan one, mixing all cultural references to “shock” the feelings with a new vestimentary code.

NTMB was born in 2014 with homemade customization and rework of some vin- tage clothes focusing on fabric manipulation, lettering and hand painting, star- ting from a clear and ongoing reserch of materials and techniques, involving all the categories of clothing, with a strong focus on denim, that has become one of the main features of the brand.

The chase of the concept of uniqueness is always one of our main point, and we explore it in capsules or special pieces for editorials and celebs, reassembling vin- tage garments and recycled fabrics.

Since July 2016 NTMB had the opportunity to collaborate with the Parisian collective Faith Connexion, that has been giving us the opportunity to celebrate the denim and the underground culture, reworking iconic items of the brand through our vision, and to see our garments on international celeb such as The Weekend , P Diddy, VIC Mensa, J Balvin , Machine Gun, Migos and Brooke Candy.

In June 2017 has been given the chance to create a special piece for the show of Wrangler at Pitti, celebrating the ‘90 in the NTMB spirit.

In 2018 we collaborate on a charity project with Cooccole e Bimbi, exploring the world of kids-wear.

In june 2018 we present “PRIMO” our first collection SS19 at 88 Showroom.